Do you go through periods where you feel like you need to add more fun to your life? Well I can relate to that need myself, as we all deserve to have lightness and fun in our daily routine. One of my outlets is roller-skating and is something that I have enjoyed since the age of seven. Simply put, roller-skating helps me to practice and experience mindfulness in my life.

Yes, mindfulness can equal fun!

What I mean by mindfulness is that I’m able to apply focus, intention and feel exhilarated when I’m on the pavement. As a bonus I also get some exercise out if it! The benefit of mindfulness practices is that you are focused on the fun activity that you are engaging in and are doing something only for yourself. Also when we are more mindful we are more in touch with our surroundings, we can connect with our body again and disengage with any unhelpful thoughts or feelings.

For those who cannot come up with any fun ideas, brainstorm and make a list. Think back to times in the past when you had fun and jot down those activities that helped you feel happy. Alternatively you can ask friends and family what they like to do for fun.

For some people feeling motivated enough to even pick up that pen to make a list or to brainstorm is more difficult. If you feel this way you are not alone, but there are ways to work with this mindset. Think about the future this time and ask yourself what you would gain from taking the time to engage in a fun activity, even for 2 hours a week? Would it grow you up or down? How would your body feel afterwards, would it thank you for it? What about your mental health, would you feel different do you think?

We all get caught up in our busy lives and in what we think we ‘should’ or ‘have’ to do and sometimes forget about what we want or like doing. To keep this last part in the forefront of our minds, some of my clients make a list on their phone so that it is easy for them to become inspired for when they make the time to engage in self-care. The next step is to set yourself up for success and make a realistic goal, be it every few days that will help you enjoy one thing on your list. Some people take their gym clothes to work with them so that they are one step closer to committing or schedule self-care into their calendars like they would a meeting.

The way I look at things, life is short and you only live once. With that in mind, I make the time to engage in self-care on a daily basis. My mental-health and physical health thank me for it and I know that yours will too if you make it a priority to engage in activities that you enjoy. So far, I have never had a client who has told me that they have not benefited from making time for themselves. My client’s have reported that they are less stressed, doing better at work, are happier and feel refreshed when they put their happiness first. Try a two-week challenge and see what happens for you. After all, you’re worth the effort!

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