When Gambling Isn’t Fun – The Signs & Symptoms Of Problem Gambling

It may start of subtly but the feeling slowly grows inside. It may even start to create anxiety, doubt and fear. Do you think that you may have a gambling problem or has anyone in your life mentioned this to you?

If you find that you are noticing any of the following signs please know that support is available.

If you are:

  • feeling restless and irritable when you have decreased how often you gamble
  • using gambling as a way to self soothe when you are feeling stressed, guilty, have symptoms of depression or anxiety
  • trying to make back money that you lost
  • keeping gambling a secret from your loved ones and withdrawing from them
  • regularly short on money even though you have regular income
  • noticing that your work performance has become negatively affected
  • juggling multiple loans at once
  • feeling irritated and moody for no reason
  • in collections or about to be with your credit cards and utilities

If you are thinking about getting support you have access to counselling at no cost through the BC Responsible and Problem Gambling Program. Visit the site here to find out more information or contact me now. Discover what the source of your gambling is and learn new tools and strategies to help you take back your power.

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